According to WHO (World Health Organisation) statistics show that obesity and being overweight have reached epidemic limits: more than 30 billion people are overweight and at least, 300 million of them are obese. Food labeling is an important subject. It is usually influenced by merchandising and as a consequence the information that these labels carry needs to be well known and used properly by the consumer. This fact is even more important if the person in question is trying to lose weight or control a disease such as diabetes or high cholesterol. Basically, knowing the meaning of products listed on food labels leads towards more freedom and better rationality when choosing products. By making distinctions between “good” and “bad” foods this will better protect health.


What a great idea!!!!!

Maria Gimenez March 29, 2012

That's something really important to check what it is healthy or unhealthy for oneself!

Javier Nuez April 06, 2012

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