Residing in long term care can present challenges in terms of communicating with loved ones and friends on a regular basis. In this day and age families and loved ones are mobile and may live far away. As we age, health declines and renders us more "housebound", spouses pass away and the peer network diminishes. All of these elements can contribute to an increase in social isolation. Research shows that social isolation has a negative impact on physical, psychological and emotional health.


This is a brilliant initiative - straightforward, effective and easy to use. I hope it is taken forward by others. Have you also looked at use of Ipads? They are easy to use and also offer opportunities for interaction with people outside the home.

Nicola McHugh November 28, 2012

This project looks awesome. Has it expanded to any more long term care facilities? Do the residents end up looking forward to this type of interaction? It provides a purpose for them it seems....

Jenna Powers April 02, 2014

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