Population aging, a disproportion of children against an inflated senescent population aging 60 years and above (World Health Organization, 2002), is undoubtedly recognized as both global (Bartlett, 1996; Ingman, Amin, Clarke & Brune, 2010) and local phenomena (Ingman et al, 2010; Ogena, 2006). This worldwide increase shall continue to rise in the near future (Milligan, Roberts & Mort, 2011; Cresci, Yarandi & Morrell, 2010) especially in developing countries (WHO, 2002;l Ogena, 2006). As elderly population increases, the need for quality elderly-directed healthcare also rises. Measures that help the elderly remain healthy and active is a necessity (WHO, 2002) and an important issue of the 21st century (Boulton-Lewis & Gillian, 2010; United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 2011). Previous studies reported declining numbers of family members, who show willingness to provide informal care-giving and those available to undertake paid work (Milligan, 2009). Urbanization leading young people to cities and women entering formal workforce (WHO, 2002) resulted to fewer people available to care for the elderly. Thus, elderly empowerment in the context of functional independence and quality of life among senior citizens is seen as favorable solution for sustainable elderly living.


Good luck sir :) sana manalo :) Go GO GO SIR:) ?

Jeff Calibod January 24, 2012

elderly people is the old generation but we must treasure them by giving care .. i like this research <3

Ishmaellee Baclayon January 24, 2012

This innovation is so timely since it will capture solutions to two of the most pressing problems in the contemporary society: the growing population of the elderly and bridge the digital divide across levels of population in developing countries. Excellent!

MICHAEL JOSEPH DINO January 24, 2012

This can be one strategy to achieve quality living. We as human being shares a pattern in growth and development. Aging is a normal process yet it is accompanied by decline in health. Therefore, it is indeed remarkable to empower each and everyone with no prejudice and exclusion towards a healthy present for a healthier future...

Vin Ong January 24, 2012

Im not convinced about the merits of such a piece of research. Telehealth is having its challenges in the developed world within the elderly populations. Many elderly patients with multiple chronic health care needs find it difficult to embrace modern technologies and yield the benefits of telehealth. In a recent US survey 78% of over 70's said they would prefer a follow-up call or personal interaction with a health-care professional known to them instead of an automated email or on-line interaction. I find it hard to comprehend how telehealth can be embraced in the elderly population of a developing country with a diversely spread population and geographical and technological challenges.

Nessa Doyle January 24, 2012

Goodluck sir dino...:)

Simon Blas January 25, 2012

The theme of the study is not only focused on the preserving the dignity of the elder people, but it can also promote the preservation of the cultural and societal values that is present within family.

Jose Karlo Pangan January 25, 2012

With the great number of aging people in the Philippines and the challenge to effectively address their need in this modern day finds light through this study. This, for sure, shall be a major breakthrough for a developing country. I commend the researcher for this interesting and novice study. All the best!

Arnel Buencamino January 25, 2012

Very timely action in addressing the needs of our elderly. It maximizes the use of modern communication technology to bring healthcare closer to our elders.

Gordon Navea January 26, 2012

the world is constantly evolving.. By guiding the more experienced, we are helping them become independent, making them stronger individuals, incidentally adding confidence and pride, so they can have the chance to be at par with the youth... Astonishing!!

robby ramos January 26, 2012

Pampering definitely makes anyone, even the more experienced feel good. The only constant in our life is change, by guiding them in overcoming this hurdle, we are equipping them the right way, making them confident, at the same time proficient... Giving them a better chance to evolve in this technologically changing world. Go, go go!

robby ramos January 26, 2012

The purpose of research is to discover why things are "working" or "not working" in a certain population. Research recedes as we always advance and research is always incomplete. The present study will uncover the "roadblocks" for our elderly in the utilization of such technologies. Developed and developing nations have differences and findings from a developed country are not always applicable to a developing one. Yes, in developing countries, the population is "spread", so the idea is that technology can bridge them together. Filipinos around the world are connected through technology. There are numerous researches reporting that seniors are eager and motivated to learn technology. Developing countries may not be rich as developed one and Nessa Doyle may say we have "challenges", but we have a high computer penetration and activity index and we are doing research to understand human and computer interaction among our beloved elderly. "Lola Techie" is a living symbol of a Filipino elderly who can be good in technology even at the latter stage of their life and nothing can prevent us to search for ways on how we can improve their way of living! It's more fun, love and care in the Philippines!

Jenna Louise Ramirez January 26, 2012

Great Project! I'm excited to hear the results!

Rizza Ladisla January 27, 2012

Nice and very challenging! Good job!

Eva Green January 27, 2012

good luck sir :D

April Marquez January 27, 2012

This research idea really defines the term "care-challenge". No doubt that it is the most popular here at care challenge. More power to the proponent.

Apol Alejandro January 27, 2012

Technology is inevitable... and this research will showcase the desire of every health care provider in our country to pursue technological innovations in the medical field. Being open to CHANGE is the component as such. Questions may be raised, skepticism will always be in the air but no one will advance if a phenomena remains the same. Filipinos are technology addicts, with proper education, an empire of technological hub may raised. Bottom line, technology + medical field = QUALITY CARE. All walks of life will benefit...specifically the elderly. God Bless Sir Dino. Be a medium of CHANGE with this timely study.

Ryan Pagente January 27, 2012

The initiative to find new ways to increase participation among elderly demonstrates moral and social responsibility. The strength of this paper is that it combines community approaches and technology to form genuine strategies to promote elderly health. Many studies have shown effectiveness of combined multimedia and educational technologies. This goes beyond the pedagogy towards andragogy. Further, this removes "negative branding" that elderly people are incapable of using computer technology. Such action reduces prejudices against them. Thus, giving them chance to learn and explore new things. Even in the United States, they are spending billions in the implementation electronic health records in compliance with the 2009 HITECH ACT. Henceforth, all initiatives towards health needs to be considered, since this is the primary goal of research, continuous search towards improvement of life.

Jeffrey Guzman January 27, 2012

An author said that "the main or principal purpose and goal of research is the preservation and improvement of the quality of human life". It's about time to think of the welfare of the elderly and to make things a lot easier for them. Hope this research will accomplish its objectives. Good luck!

Luz Padilla January 28, 2012

Looking forward for the results of this research! :)

Aya Toreja January 28, 2012

go, go go sir!!!keep it up....

sharon cajayon January 29, 2012

Congratulations to Michael and all in the research department on this submission. I am still a little unsure if this is an on-going research project that is currently 'live' or if it is a research proposal? The most amazing thing about this submission is the amount of votes it has attracted. At last research projects and/or proposals are becoming unbelievably popular!!!! Who would of thought it!!! Well done!

Dr Mike Hunt January 30, 2012

We need to have rethinking of our thoughts regarding elderly. This research has constructively provided a new concept on Elderly Empowerment towards sustainability. This means that we are becoming holistic in our plan of actions. At the end of the day, it is beneficial to all. Great work!!!

Roxanne Castorino January 31, 2012

AIM, Ayala Foundation/ ACCESS Health and AYNLA will be implementing a similar telehealth solutions for the elderly in Makati City this month. Maybe you can find a convergence in our projects.

Jessica Virnna Antipolo January 31, 2012

Caring for them can become challenging if you do not know how it should be done. Many think that nursing homes and retirement homes are places that the elderly should reside. This is not the case. If you just take a moment to see that you yourself can care for the elderly too. God bless for this research

Deanne Garnet Abat February 01, 2012

Goodluck po and Godbless 4 this research!! two thumbs up idol sir dino! :))

Mary Jane Bueno February 01, 2012

This is one of the best research entry!!

Xyra Chan February 02, 2012

God bless po...

Deanne Abat February 04, 2012

this research is innovative and exceptional! I am positive that this will be recognized. Great job!

Maria Sheila Belza February 06, 2012

,can't wait to see the result of this..congratulations in advance to Sir Dino and to his research team! You make me feel more proud OLFU student and soon an OLFU graduate! :))

Grace Ingeniero February 07, 2012

Please review 'A systematic review of e-health on chronically ill patients' journal of clinical nursing, E de KoK, vol 20 (21-22) pp 2997-3010, Nov 2011

Dr. Jim Joseph March 02, 2012

great research :))

Angela Concepcion March 03, 2012

Appreciating the old ways is a good thing but embracing the innovations showered to us, which is the main point of this study, is much better. Utilizing all the available resources for the betterment of health care delivery is a noble cause. Futhermore, if there is a way for the aged population to benefit from the technological advancement the same way as present generation does, why should a real researcher be inhibited from that purpose? All the best for the exemptional proponent! God bless!

Aika Verzosa March 08, 2012

This research embodies our need for change and development as well as connecting with the elderly population. congratulations sir dino.. god bless sir:)

Ninia Argallon March 13, 2012

must be grateful to the researcher. this is gonna be big for sure. this is a research the industry needs.

BSN P. March 13, 2012

Undoubtedly Pilipino's will surely embrace this research study. Technology had become a great part in developing and improving health care system in the past decades. Deliverance of health care in remote rural areas is a big problem in developing countries. This will be a big help in delivering health care especially in countries like Philippines. One word for this research study SUPERB!

Kenneth Piangco March 13, 2012


jocel valente April 19, 2012

I find this research very interesting and amusing. Good Job to those people who made it happen ( 2Thumbs Up ) :))

Fernando Yumul April 19, 2012

Congratulations Sir MJ,,,,, All the best for you.... God bless po...

Marlon malinao May 26, 2012

congrats sir MJ! Thank you for inspiring us and sharing the knowledge. I'm looking forward on gaining more ideas from you and be motivated to maximize our full potential. No doubt, you will soon be the paquiao in the nursing community. keep up the good work! :)

jasmin baldonado June 17, 2012

Congrats sir MJ,,, more recognition to come... rise to the top!!!

jha dela cruz August 06, 2012

In everything you do, there is a purpose, Prepare to pursue your purpose with A prayer, ask for guidance, protection And direction. Goodluck sir MJ! :)

Cyra Arce October 11, 2012

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