One of MDG’s (Millenium Development Goals) point no.5 is about the decrease of maternal mortality rate. The big problem of maternal mortality rate in Indonesia has not finished yet. The maternal mortality rate from year to year is not significantly decrease. In 2013 a maternal mortality rate reach 5019/100.000 live birth. Everything that government has did show a slow decrease. In fact, Indonesia maternal mortality rate still far away to MDG’s target in 2015 that is 102/100.000 live birth. According to SDKI (Survei Demografi dan Kesehatan Indonesia) on 2012, the maternal mortality rate still high that is 359/100.000 live birth. This is increase 63,5% if compared with SDKI on 2007 that is 228/100.000 live birth. This is really serious problem. This problem happen because of many factors such as social, economy, cultural, grade of education and less quality of health care. One of the key to solve this problem by using Partograph application by midwife.

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