With the improvement of living standards, changes of lifestyle and aging of the population, the incidence of diabetes is rising year by year. Diabetes, as a lifelong chronic disease, can lead to various complications that seriously affect patients’ life quality. The latest data show that China has reached the number of about 90 million people with diabetes, and about one-third of diabetics do not take active measures to deal with some acute and chronic complications due to lack of medical knowledge every year, so diabetes prevention and control are extremely serious. As we all know diabetic patient education plays a key role in diabetes prevention, and only the education model leading to the health behaviors is effective to diabetics. Therefore, diabetes health education has an important meaning in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. The diabetes education started late in China. At present, China has a variety of diabetes education models, but there is a lack of systematic complete education model and professional diabetes educators in China. Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital as a large general hospital not only plays an important role in the health services, but also has been exploring their own path of diabetes education. For eight years of experience accumulated in diabetes education, we have been actively working with community hospitals and brought basic knowledge of diabetes prevention and control into the community. We have been carrying out a variety of health education models, for the purpose to explore the Patient-Nurse-Doctor relationship of diabetes health education.

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